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Custom Profile Fields wiped out


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I just noticed in my test IPS4 RC5 site, that all my custom profile fields are blank, and named as "core_pfield_x" where x is a particular number. The fields don't have any of their original settings from my 3.4.7 DB. Wondering if this is intended, and I have to start over, or if such behavior is unexpected.

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Go for it, this is really important! I don't want all my CPF's wiped out when I eventually upgrade!

Nobody should feel that way, everyone's input is surely valued. I agree its confusing that all the bugs for all elements of the suite seem to be all on one page now though.

​Thanks for the encouragement. Just posted it here. I'm still half expecting flak for this being my servers' issue, not a software bug. In the mean time, my feelings on all this (with comic relief, credit to my server host):



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Every time I file a bug report, I get yelled at for it not being a bug, so I'm hesitant to do so now...

​Seen this myself... Kinda tense right now and both sides are going to have their moments for the time being. Best to just go ahead and post it. I understand time is valuable. 3 kids 23 - 7, work, trying to get things done with themes, submit support tickets. :) and sometimes for not. I've been waiting on a fix for a ck editor or advice for about oh... 4 -5 months now soooo. :D Yea, it gets a little frustrating at times but they are trying to get things done. bfarber is outstanding at what he does. Sometimes I think he was Jason in tech back when :o

Jason..... Where are you ? Have you been kidnapped Sir? Absolute best support tech of any company I ever got support from. Hands down the best you were...


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