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Copy, Rename or Relocate... Good Luck!


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As the title may point out there is a bit of hell to pay if you attempt these.

Example: Try to duplicate a directory in Wamp  D:\wamp\www\test-1 to D:\wamp\www\test-2.

Now go into D:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.6.17\data and duplicate the mysql directory test-1 to test-2.

Now go back to the new root directory D;wamp\www\test-2 and change the conf_global.php with the new information.

Go into the browser http://localhost/test-2/ and You get nothing but a big 500 error...

Nothing in the error log to say what is in error...


Click on Try again.

Now the following image is an old one I didn't bother with another screenshot that duplicates this one.


This has been consistant through out all the betas and RC's

This is going to cause some serious issues should a hosted server go down like my experiences with this version of wampserver2.5-Apache-2.4.9-Mysql-5.6.17-php5.5.12-32b with all IPS beta and RC's they will not come back and are lost to redo from scratch.

In 3.4.7 and earlier you would do the same as above go into the ACP and correct all the URL's to point to the new ones and so on....

Seeing this on a contiuous bassis in Wamp worries me on what will or may happen to my live board if anything like this were to happen on my server or if I decide to move to another server.

This is driving me insane to recreate a new fresh testboard from the original backup file everytime I want the last testboard saved.


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How are you copying the database ? You're not copying the raw db files are you ? :) Would be best to backup and export / import via either phpmyadmin (if its a tiny db) or via command line or a tool such as bigdump perhaps.

I think a 'change' script might be needed for this, I recall it being mentioned in a topic a week or so ago this might also assist.

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The DB is just shy of 4gig... and yes copying the raw file due to this version of Wamp falling on it face even though all settings are set to a bit of an extreme as to cover all bases...

I have never attempted doing this via command line I will have to read up on the methods. Can't be much different than using putty.

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If its your wampserver on your own local machine then you can just drop to the Windows command line and do it.

Create the new empty database first, then take a backup of the db to move. Lets say its called sitebackup.sql and the database is called newdb

Now navigate to where your sql directory is (not essential but easier) and copy the db into it then:


CD wamp

CD bin

CD mysql

CD mysql5.6.17

CD bin

Now you can import it (I'm assuming no root pass on your local)


mysql.exe -u root newdb < sitebackup.sql

If you have a password its -u (username) -p (password)

There is an example of this in my 'QA Lab: Converting and upgrading InvisionFree to IPS4' topic, on 'Step Three: Importing the database' :)

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For the next time Wamp goes south on me in RED

Take backup using mysqldump

mysqldump command can be executed from mysql prompt. For all the code for mysqldump commands bellow, database is the name of the database.

Take backup of a database

mysqldump database > backup-file.sql; 

Restore a database

mysql database < backup-file.sql;

Copying data from one server to another

mysqldump --opt database | mysql --host=remote_host -C database 

Where remote_host indicates a remote server where you want to take backup.

Dump several databases with single command

mysqldump --databases database1 [database2 ...] > backup_of_databases.sql 

Dump all databases using --all-databases option

mysqldump --all-databases > backup_of_all_databases.sql
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Also (same author) apparently my method should have worked. http://www.w3resource.com/mysql/mysql-backup-and-restore.php


In this page we are going to discuss how to take backups of MySQL databases and restoring them.

Take backup by copying table files

You can simple copy the table files of a MySQL database to a separate location and accomplish a backup. Later, when necessary, you simply copy them back to the original location to restore the database.

If you are using WAMP server for MySQL, then you can find table files within wamp > bin > mysql > mysql5.1.36 > data > databaseName. Where databaseName is a folder whose name is same as your database.

If you have installed MySQL manually, then you can find table files within Program Files > MySQL >MySQL Server 5.0 > data > databaseName. Where databaseName is a folder whose name is same as your database.

Remember in mysql5.1.36 and MySQL Server 5.0, 5.1.36 and 5.0 indicates the version of the MySQL, which differs if you are working on a different version of MySQL.

 I will still give the command line a run and see if this works.....

Sheryll is getting ready to cut my beard off. I think she is getting tired of picking up the hair after I start pulling....

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Well its not like going to a dentist so it won't hurt to add .htaccess and give it a try as well...

And the last 4 that needed pulling I did myself... Less painful and saved myself $1200.00.

The wife and kids say I'm nuts.... I say Why give unto others that I can do myself cheaper.

Also for the hell of it will try running command line on the database as Andy suggested. Again what can it hurt.


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Tried Andy's Command line theory, Ocean West's .htaccess and ForeverPontiac's Idea here http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/408044-copy-live-board/?do=findComment&comment=2528726....

Not getting why this is not cutting it here on the local... Now just get the error Oops Something went wrong....

Well it is gettiing better than the 500 error Access Denied.

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