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How Can I Load PHP Email ()

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This is a huge issue i'm experiencing, as my users aren't receiving validation emails or password reset emails. I contacted IPS support and they told me:

Mail is being handed off to the server using PHP Mail() however, since neither the forum error logs show email errors, and the utility I used said it handed it off to PHP Mail() without error.

You''ll need to contact your server Host and have them investigate why this is happening. PHP Mail() may not be available, or it's broken.

Once your Host fixes that, and mail is going out, that will solve the issue.


I have a VPS from Godaddy and it's not full managed so I can't get help from them (expected to know how to handle a VPS myself). For the most part this is fine but I can't figure out what's wrong.


If anyone could give me some insight on how to solve this it'd be greatly appreciated! :)

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Copy this to a file on your server in your HTML directory and then run it directly to test your PHP mail system.




mail( "your@email.com", "Email subject", "Email body" );


​Hey, thank you for your reply!

I did this and used my main email, nothing showed up when visiting that url after uploading it to my html directory and I received no email.

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Run away from GoDaddy, please. They are one of the nets worst and most infamous domain registrars and an even worse hosting service. Your mail delivery problems are probably entirely on their end, you're likely using an IP that has been blacklisted because GoDaddy probably can't be bothered to properly monitor or keep their IP's clean before they hand them off to new clients.

But anyways, if this is a VPS, check /var/log/mail.log, look for the message you sent, see if the remote mail server rejected the message.

Also, please check your VPS' IP address and see if it is on any common blacklists here:

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