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I need help setting up a new server

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For a novice a server is better setup with Cpanel/WHM

​If this was in response to my post, sure, but if Adrian is asking for the assistance of a systems administrator he doesn't need to worry about whether or not the server has cPanel installed on it or not. For someone who is experienced and knows what they're doing, cPanel/WHM can often just get in the way and it's a completely unnecessary overhead that just serves as an additional potential security vulnerability. cPanel/WHM additionally severely limits the kind of server configuration you can build. If you want a high performance Nginx/PHP-FPM server configuration, for example, good luck accomplishing that with cPanel. The only way to make that work effectively is by relying on shoddy plugins and hacks.

Also, if you truly want to learn how to manage your own server on your own, cPanel/WHM is not the way to go. You use it if you're a novice and you don't want to have to learn.

If you plan on managing the server on your own and just want an easy management solution, sure, cPanel/WHM is fine. But if Adrian has already established that he'd rather have a competent systems admin holding the reins, these things don't need to concern him at all.

And CentOS rocks compared to Debian :thumbsup:

​That is simply your opinion. I work almost exclusively with Debian based server systems as I personally much prefer it over CentOS. Neither one is strictly "better" than the other.

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