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Reputation links are ambiguous


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When you click on a users reputation via their profile card (that's displayed with every post), you're taken to a page like this:


This is initially pretty confusing, I almost reported it as a bug thinking that I had no reputation records being displayed on my profile. Then I realized the reason for this was that it is, by default, displaying my "Profile Comments" reputation activity, which I think very few members will have anything displayed here to begin with.

When clicking on a users reputation via their profile card, it makes a lot more sense to me for the link to take the user directly to the reputation page for the application the user was actually in. Therefor, if you click on a users reputation total in a forum topic, you will be taken to the reputation overview page for the users Posts. Similarly, if you click on the users reputation from a gallery comment they made, you will be taken to the reputation overview page for the users Image Comments.

It might also be beneficial to have the reputation homepage somehow display reputation from all sources intelligently instead of defaulting to reputation for "Profile Comments", or at least default to the websites default application if possible.

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