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Enable Event MPM and PHP-FPM in a Cpanel Box with Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.5

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I guess google is getting worse results with the recent algorithm changes.

I cannot find a good tutorial on how to enable Event MPM and php-fpm in a Cpanel box.

Unfortunately, Cpanel does not support EasyApache for that. You can build Apache 2.4 with Event MPM and PHP 5.5 (that has php-fpm built-in), but you cannot enable php-fpm, so php engine dies as long as in Event MPM mod_php does not work, only in Prefork MPM.

I have made a good research between Nginx + php-fpm and Apache 2.4 + Event MPM + php-fpm and I really would like to use the last configuration on a Cpanel box, to make things more close to the Cpanel built-in software, mainly for easier updates.

Anyone can help?

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There is a plugin for Cpanel : https://support.sysally.net/projects/cphstack

Use ZendOpCache aswell to go with it. If you are comfortable with nginx rewrite rules then you could use the same guys plugin that has nginx and it doesnt sit infront of apache but takes it out of the equation leaving everything to nginx.

I havent used this setup on a live site. I tried it on a test VPS and tried running a forum on it and there were no problems. If you are short of resources (RAM,Processing power) then give it a shot but test it out first. I tested using php 5.5 which has opcache in the source tree itself so if you are running some other version you might need some work to get it going. Forum that I tested with wasent invision so not sure how invision board behaves with php5.5.. You will have to check compatability or turn errors off may be?

Having said all of the above, I run my forums on apache with nginx as proxy and use APC for cache.

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I'd give cpxstack a try, only takes 20 minutes to install. then set site to php fpm using apache.

setup some (2 iirc) sites for people using Portuguese using it but they didn't have any odd rewrite rules, only the stock ip ones.

uses a cpanel interface so user can choose the setup they want too, decent program.

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