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Client Area Support Form Broken!


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The form required to receive tech support in the "Client Area" is broken and we can't get through to anyone!

When you select "general support" on the form, the Platform "select" field (required) doesn't populate, so the form can never be sent.

This tested on Firefox, IE and Chrome on Win 7 AND Mac OSX.

When we emailed support to alert them and ask for help with our software failure, we received an infuriating reply:

"For sales enquiries, please contact sales@invisionpower.com.
For all other enquiries, please contact us through the support system at http://www.invisionpower.com/clients"

What the hell? And no phone number????

Unbelievable. We've been clients for nearly 5 years, and our forum has been broken for almost a week.

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Your support has expired, that's why you don't see any options in the field you mention.

You should still be able to file to Customer Service, however. I just tested that and it did work.

If that doesn't work for whatever reason, please send an email directly to sales@invisionpower.com from your customer email box.

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Hello, I'm sorry for the trouble, this is due to your license being expired, you currently don't have any support, so the drop down for general support is not available. I have however replied to your ticket in Customer Service for you.

Thank you

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