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Performance Issues - Improved using InnoDB

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As we have a high-traffic forums, we are having some performance issues, to the point nobody can enter our forums.

Analyzing with SHOW PROCESSLIST, we saw several locked tables, in particular skin_cache, sessions, and members.

Converted these three tables to InnoDB.

I don't have bad experience with InnoDB in the past, as on vBulletin it actually decreased performance.

However, it seems, at least for me, that selectively using InnoDB in a few tables (those listed above) performance really improved and solved our availability issues (at least for now).

I'd love to hear from other people who manage high-traffic forums and their experience with performance issues, table locking, and InnoDB usage.

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Awesome tip, and I've just implemented it.

Facing performance issues again, now the table that has locking issues is content_cache_posts, and I'm altering it to InnoDB as well.

Be aware though, MEMORY tables lose their content after a MySQL reboot, so don't many any other tables MEMORY.

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