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Optimal xCache config

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Hi guys.

Please advice optimal xcache config to run IPB on quad-core dedicated server with 8GB RAM.

Share your config if you find it good enough if possible.

P.S. I also heard that it's better to use memcached for variable caching. But if I set var_size=0 in xcache config I get PHP Warnings generated by IPB xcache module. Any idea how to combine xcache + memcached in IPB?


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This is what I use since i have plenty of spare RAM.

xcache.admin.enable_auth	On	On
xcache.allocator	bestfit	bestfit
xcache.cacher	On	On
xcache.count	9	9
xcache.gc_interval	0	0
xcache.mmap_path	/dev/zero	/dev/zero
xcache.readonly_protection	Off	Off
xcache.shm_scheme	mmap	mmap
xcache.size	320M	320M
xcache.slots	8K	8K
xcache.stat	On	On
xcache.ttl	0	0
xcache.var_allocator	bestfit	bestfit
xcache.var_count	9	9
xcache.var_gc_interval	0	0
xcache.var_maxttl	0	0
xcache.var_namespace	no value	no value
xcache.var_namespace_mode	0	0
xcache.var_size	16M	16M
xcache.var_slots	8K	8K
xcache.var_ttl	0	0
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What I have noticed after activating xcache - there are not so many php processes running at once comparing to "old life", but now php processes are gaining CPU load and it's even more than mysql CPU load. Have no idea whether it's good or bad.

My CPU usage is below 10% all the time and pages load much faster after adding xcache.

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