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Hook Topic Visibility/Hidden Time such as open/close time


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I do not know whether to ask the developers to invisionpower or in this section, but I wanted to be able to give the possibility to moderators especially my users to set the amount of accessibility to the topic.

Or a moderator asked me who would like to open the topic hidden and make it visible only when it is opened.

So you can think of a way more reasonable to set the hook but the important thing is that you can not just open a discussion hidden but also make it visible!

this is not urgent but would urge to do so since it should not be difficult, indeed only brings an additional function in the topic!

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Moved to IPBoard feedback as requested.

IIRC its been requested before, the ability to have a topic appear at a certain time, not dissimilar to how you can set a Blog entry to be 'published' at a pre-determined time.

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