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any way to totally ignore a thread?

Ocean West

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Ok i had once participated in a thread for a marketplace solution. However the current version of the product now has it's own thread but the thread titles are very close.

I have since removed myself from following the older thread. But because of past participation in the thread it shows up on my feed of new content that I have participated in, when ever any makes a new post there ( those who haven't upgraded )

I have inadvertently clicked that thread wasting time reading realizing that it was for the OLD product that I am not using.

Hoping to find a way to divorce myself from that thread when using VNC?

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You've legitimately participated in that thread since you've made a post in it.

I'd suggest changing your filters to only topics that you follow. If you un-follow, it will be removed from your list. The only way to 'un-participate' is to delete all of your posts. Even then, though, I don't know if it would take you out of the participated list w/o a rebuild.... not sure.

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