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Topic Title Truncate + Bad Word Filter


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An example of a topic title that got cut off in the middle of a word. (assignment)

Just thought it might be a good idea to not truncate the topic titles in a way that makes a word on the bad word filter show up. :tongue:

The cutoff is completely arbitrary. If we adjusted it to something else, then it would just result in the same thing, just located elsewhere. We could prevent the cut-off from happening in the middle of a word, of course, but then you run into issues where something could effectively break the layout of the board by creating a topic title with no spaces, which would then be considered a bug in it's own right.

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If you don't truncate, you would have to deal with titles like this... epicly long in that TINY 30ish character area...


Also, imagine if they made that all one word, like Ryan said... That would be just as bad...

It wouldn't be too difficult to check for that bad word, though... Just explode the remaining truncated string ' ' separated and do a comparison against the last value of the array. I'm sure this could be done 3rd party.

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Doesn't seem like it would be extremely hard to implement a fix for this. I might give it a go myself.

You could probably just check the last word after the title is truncated, and if it's on the bad word filter, truncate one letter earlier... and loop to check it again.

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