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Download: Arabic language pack for 3.4.7 and Its applications

Dr Coder

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File Name: Arabic language pack for 3.4.7 and Its applications

File Submitter: Dr Coder

File Submitted: 11 Jan 2013

File Category: Language Packs

Supported Versions: IP.Blog 2.4.x, IP.Blog 2.5.x, IP.Blog 2.6.x, IP.Board 3.1.x, IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x, IP.Calendar 3.1.x, IP.Calendar 3.2.x, IP.Calendar 3.3.x, IP.Chat 1.3.x, IP.Chat 1.4.x, IP.Content 2.1.x, IP.Content 2.2.x, IP.Content 2.3.x, IP.Downloads 2.3.x, IP.Downloads 2.4.x, IP.Downloads 2.5.x, IP.Gallery 4.0.x, IP.Gallery 4.1.x, IP.Gallery 4.2.x, IP.Gallery 5.0.x, IP.Nexus 1.3.x, IP.Nexus 1.4.x, IP.Nexus 1.5.x

This is the translation for IPB 3.4.7 and its app this translation contain a full XML file named language. XML contain all the translation Third party Application Added also there is a separate file for each app For translation For vist this For translation For With Tashkeel vist this You Can Add any Error Or Misspelled String in Our Tracker to Be Solved In Update

[*]IP.Board 3.4.6 [*]IP.Blog 2.6.3 [*]IP.Calendar 3.3.4 [*]IP.Chat 1.4.4 [*]IP.Content 2.3.6 [*]IP.Downloads 2.5.4 [*]IP.Gallery 5.0.6 [*]IP.Nexus 1.5.9

[*]Tracker 2.1.3 Founded in This



Vist The Tracker

[url= here to download this file

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Thank you for your excellent effort, there is a problem in your language pack since the last version 3.4.3 and it causes the editor to be broken and even the icons are not aligned in the way it used to be. Also the pop-up icons will only freezes the screen with no action. The reason I know it is this language pack is I contacted the IPS support and they helped me with 3.4.3 and told me my issue was in the Arabic lang pack but after I upgraded to 3.4.4 and again upgraded the language pack with your new update and I hoped its fixed, it gave me the same issue before and the IPS told me this back need to be updated and fixed so that is why am contacting you. I also visited your forum and found the same issue I have, try it on your forum and see how different is the editor with English pack and the Arabic pack.

Please this needs your urgent update

Thank you :)

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Thanks for your words , sorry for late reply .
this proplem was fixed in previos version of translation .
you can fix it by sesrching 'quote_expand' in the lang files and make sure it is contain only words
if you need any help contact me any time :)i
I will update it as soon as I can

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Hi :smile:

Just to inform you if you I find any issue, I'll report it to you even if it is small !! so you can keep doing your good work :smile:

In blog_loc_entry (Viewing Blog Entry) In word pack: blog/public_location : The translation was "يستعر تدوينه" and as you know it is "يستعرض تدوينه"

notify__new_entry (Notify me of new entries on blogs I follow) In word pack: blog/public_blog : The translation was "اعلمنى عند اضافه توينه جديدة بالمدونه التى اتابعها" and as you know it is "اعلمنى عند اضافه تدوينه جديدة بالمدونه التى اتابعها"

Thank you very much

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