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Can we get documentation for the gallery_image class in a similar manner to how IPSMember and ccsFunctions is done? I'm getting better at this so I can figure out a lot on my own, but I'd still like to see explanations on functions like makeImageTag, makeImageLink, fetchImages. For example in makeImageTag what are the available choices for the thumbClass option? That kind of thing.

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Just a quick question regarding the docs. I see the documentation for the helper classes, but when I see an "object" passed as an attribute into a given template, how do I know what is available within it. For example I was editing the sharedmedia bbcode and it currently has something like $image['thumb']. How do I know what other arguments/keys are in the $image array? Is that documented anywhere (defaults in the IPB build, as I'd imagine these objects can be custom as well). What I'm really trying to figure out is how to do that same kind of default lightbox popup to a gallery image but with a larger size in the topic/post preview.

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