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General doubts about IPB 3.4 and its applications


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I am just worrying about Nexus, there is one little thing that I requested that I really wait for to be implemented in next version of Nexus but I hope you will still allow at least the next version to be used with IPB 3.3.x as move prepared / working communities to 3.4 will take some time, remember we all are using a lot of Custom hooks/apps that may be not compatible with 3.4 and it will take some time to rise the compatibility to 3.4 level, that's why I hope you think about it and once 3.4 will be released you won't force us to update our boards due to be able to use other of your apps like Nexus etc..

What I mean? I believe moving forward requires changes, however we will need some time to update our boards where meanwhile we will still want to enjoy the updates of other your apps that may bring expected by us changes.

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