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Account suspended, my community is unavailable ... what can I do ?


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hi there,
I logged something at support of course but.. I'm totally stuck
My website is unavailable and I cannot access to admin part in order to check what values I explode


is it number of online people ...? They shouldn't cut the website but inform us as written on the plans page
is it bandwidth ...? it is unmetered


I love support people, but I NEED an information & a solution NOW..

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as written in my first post, I did :)

anyway, it is written they wouldn't do that before to warn you/discuss
it really sucks and I begin to have enough to have to log something each week for this, that, this ... really.

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For clarification, hosting support is available pretty much around the clock, the normal response time during business hours is usually only a few minutes, on the weekends it's often a couple hours or so depending on the time of the ticket.

For more information on this specific issue, yes there are restrictions on our shared hosting environment as with most shared host's. Your site can be limited if you are using too many resources, meaning if you have a ton of hooks, third party applications, bot's attacking your site, or a mis configured site, these can all cause issues and extreme resources to be used, which would in turn cause it to be limited.

This system is in place to provide a stable environment for all of our customers and to keep one site from causing slowness or harm to others on the same server.

You can also view this article here for items you can do to reduce your sites resources as well if you are hitting these limits. http://community.inv...-resources-r761

This is a separate monitoring system from the users online, as mentioned if you are over your limit of users in a 48 hour window, you won't be shut down, you will just be upgraded to the next higher plan.

I hope this helps clear up any questions. :)

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