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'IP.Board' index.html Error Messages


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There are quite a few static index.html files with error messages like the following:


<head><title>IP.Board - Bulletin Board System</title></head>


<h1>403: IP.Board -&gt; Forbidden</h1>


You have reached this page in error, please use your back button to return to the forum.


<a href="http://www.invisionpower.com">IP.Board</a>



I suggest either (i) making the message universally alterable, e.g. via a language bit, or (ii) implementing a more generic error message that does not suggest any specific site (e.g. invisionpower.com) or software (e.g. IP.Board, bulletin board, forum).

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Those files will only ever be seen by those accessing folders without entering a file name, it's common practice in web apps to put index.html files out in each folder that you don't want people to be able to browse.

I don't believe it would be possible to make them customizable, they'd all need to be writable to do that, meaning you'd have to set their CHMOD to 777 on all 597 of them in the current version of IP.Board.

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I ran into those, too. At one time, I went through all the folders and replaced those with blank index files like other programmers actually do for their scripts. Unfortunately, when I upgraded I forgot to do it again. Just like I forget to replace the meta image and end up with an IPB image.

Personally, I don't need index files in all the folders as I have the proper settings on my server to handle directory listings. But I understand the need as a precaution for those who don't.

However, I strongly believe that the index files should be blank. There is no need to mention the platform used. Especially when some of us paid to keep branding off the front-end. Just MHO.

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They are static files and won't be editable via the ACP, language system, etc. Realistically, we don't even want to have to include them - sadly, not everyone understands how to configure their servers so that they're not needed.

I agree, and it's not always a viable option either.

Given that they should remain static and non-customizable via a universal switch, I guess that suggestion ii (a more generic error message) or, like CallieJo suggested, a blank file (which I've seen implemented elsewhere - e.g. in the Gallery app) would be more feasible.

But as they aren't run into much, etc., obviously it's not a big deal. Just something to consider when you've fixed some of the bigger issues up and are twiddling your thumbs looking for new things to fix. :)
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