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File Name: Variance
File Submitter: Stars25
File Submitted: 23 Apr 2012
File Category: Professional Skins

Variance by InvisionSkins.com

Variance is a heavily modified skin that focuses on customization on a per user basis. With the click of the mouse, the user can bring up a menu with several design options.


Design options include:

  • three pre-created color schemes (red, green, blue)
  • default or grid category layout
  • font family selector
  • board width changer

  • Includes four social media links (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Youtube)
  • More can be added easily with a tutorial found on the Invision Skins Support Forums

  • An additional navigation menu is available if needed
  • Easily add / edit links

  • Customizable guest message

  • When using the grid layout, you have the ability to upload an individual icon per forum

Supported IPS Addons:
  • Calendar
  • Blogs
  • Downloads
  • Nexus
  • IP. Content
  • Chat
  • Gallery

What's Included:
  • Skin's XML files (templates and images)
  • Team icon PSD file
  • Logo PSD file would be included but the logo is simple HTML text for easy alteration %7Boption%7D

Click here to download this file
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When using the Grid layout, it displays a unique icon per forum. To add your own icon per forum, you need to get each icon then rename the icons as the number of the ID for that forum as a PNG file. In the next version update, I will have an option to turn this off to use the skin's default icons used in the category layout.

Are you talking about the quick nav icon that is not centered? What browser are you using because it's centered in all the ones I viewed on my board. The skin isn't available to guests on your board.

For the logo size, you just need to increase the height style in the CSS for #branding

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I see what you mean now. Strange, it was aligned in Chrome when I viewed it before, must of accidentally altered something that affected it in Chrome. I'll include the fix in the next released update.

As for the easy logo changer, you must revert the defaultHeader template before using it because the default logo is not actually an image file, it is just plain HTML text so the average user could easily change it to say whatever they want.

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Your image is too wide for the menu to be aligned in the branding bar. You either need to have a smaller in width logo or remove some items from the navigation menu.

As for reversing the menu, 3.3 made that easy, you can re-arrange menu items in the ACP.

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It all depends on the user's resolution. At your current width, some users will experience the menu as below yet others with larger monitors/resolutions will not see the menu like that.

With the default logo text, the applications menu created the "more" button if there wasn't enough space, but I don't know why it isn't on your board. Did you edit the community_app_menu in the CSS or HTML?

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The logo & Navigation Bars are really killing me. I'm using 640px width for my logo and it is breaking the navigation bar badly, and there is still huge empty space in between them. Is there any way to position the Navigation bar on the black strip just above 'View new content'? This is very critical for me. Please help me out with it. One other note, using pro menu completely kills the skin. SO, all I want now is to re-position the navigation bar on the black strip it would solve all my problems.

Btw my screen is Full HD 1980X1080 and most of my members and visitors got full HD screen. So it does not make sense at all that the navigation bar with only 8 items falls apart because of 640 width logo.

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Yesterday I received a copy of the promenu so I will be able to now make my skins compatible with it in future releases. Usually, designers don't guarantee that their skins will work with all third party addons because it's impossible to make them all compatible. The promenu shouldn't kill the skin other than the promenu buttons not looking to match the skin because on another customer's board with the promenu all I had to do was skin the menu buttons to match and it worked like a charm other than that.

Since you mentioned that most of your users have Full HD monitors with high resolutions, then you could just modify to positioning elements in the CSS for the navigation menu.

Find #primary_nav in ipb_styles.css and change the top value to -78px (don't delete the semi-colon when making the change)

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More Qs, I'm trying to do 2 things.

1- center the Navigation bar. Since you use float, as you know CSS float: center; is not valid.
2- While the cool option in this skin to pick Board Width works perfectly fine. When I want to change the site Width from CSS to 60% The logo and the navigation bar does not inherit it.

Kindly could you help me around it. Thank you.

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