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  1. Need some help - how install or add Table plugin in CKEditor on IPS ? Here is https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/table What version of CKEditor we have on IPS How add this table plugin? regards
  2. Those changes makes with Background picker on Brave skin! Best to ask @Ehren!
  3. Have same problem - only shows same image in sidebar widget - choosed random (1) from all albums but no effect!
  4. How or maybe there is plugin for icons (FA) to put in user panel? will attach picture regards and Merry Christmas to all!
  5. Thanks for reply! Where to go? I am admin - can not do that like admin? I can hide widget but i want delete all messages from status update.
  6. I want remove old messages from "recent status update" sidebar block? how?
  7. How remove status updates from sidebar block (recent status updates)? Mean not block - only messages! regards
  8. You must check also in profile settings - on two places Maybe you made search and that is highlited!
  9. You can fix in ACP - Groups - Social (and enable posting of status updates)
  10. Tested with php 7.3.1 and 7.4 - works not (with changes). Downgrade to ver 2.5.6 works fine (posted immediately)
  11. Where is problem and which version?
  12. After update with latest patch - have no issues - checked backgrund processes and was empty!
  13. Me too - run latest version but i downgrade to ver 2.5.6 and made test - worked fine - created topic and sent PM - email disabled!
  14. Just tested and for me works not - no topics, no PM and no email.
  15. Should we make those changes in 2.5.6 (ips 4.4) ver or 2.6.1 (ips 4.5)?
  16. Can you explain more - what is "logic"? you mean "var styles"? i just made .ipsTabs_activeItem { background:' + colour + ' !important; }'; put only ! important
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