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I see you have centered the navigation menu, am I correct in that you just want the positioning to be moved back up into the black bar?

For the width changing, are you changing the default width in the CSS or are you referring to entering 60% in the dynamic width changer I created? Because using my width changer, the branding area does in fact inherit that width also. If you are changing the default width in the CSS, you must edit .contentShadow as well as .main_width.

Adding a background image is simple, just find the body style in the ipb_styles.css file and you'll see it has a background-color. Just change that to:

background: #1d1d1d url({style_images_url}/YOURIMAGE.ext) repeat-x fixed left top;

Of course you'll need to edit the name of your image, the repetition you want, if you want it to be fixed or not, and its positioning.

Could you link me to an example where the user profile is broken when using the Promenu? Because if it works on all the other pages then it should work on those two pages as well because it all has the same globalTemplate. I would first clear your browser's cache on both of those pages and see if it is still broken.

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Yeah I just now this moment was able to center the Navigation bar 100% just above 'View New Content' and in the center of my site.

You need to redo part of the global template so that no matter how big is the banner is it won't effect the Navigation bar.


			   <!-- ::: APPLICATION TABS ::: -->

			   <div id='primary_nav' class='clearfix'>

						 <ul class='ipsList_inline' id='community_app_menu'>

							  <if test="showhomeurl:|:$this->settings['home_url'] AND $this->settings['home_name']">

								   <li id='nav_home' class='left'><a href='{$this->settings['home_url']}' title='{$this->lang->words['homepage_title']}' rel="home">{$this->settings['home_name']}</a></li>


							  <if test="hasCustomPrimaryNavigation:|:!empty($header_items['primary_navigation_menu'])">


							  <else />

								   <if test="applicationsloop:|:is_array($header_items['applications']) AND count($header_items['applications'])">

										<foreach loop="applications:$header_items['applications'] as $data">

											 <if test="showingapp:|:$data['app_show']">

												  {parse variable="appActive" default="" oncondition="$data['app_active']" value="active"}

												  <li id='nav_app_{$data['app_dir']}' class="left {parse variable="appActive"}"><a href='{parse url="{$data['app_link']}" seotitle="{$data['app_seotitle']}" template="{$data['app_template']}" base="{$data['app_base']}"}' title='{parse expression="sprintf( $this->lang->words['go_to_prefix'], IPSLib::getAppTitle($data['app_dir']) )"}'>{IPSLib::getAppTitle($data['app_dir'])}</a></li>





							  <li id='nav_other_apps' style='display: none'>

								   <a href='#' class='ipbmenu' id='more_apps'>{$this->lang->words['more_apps']} <img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/useropts_arrow.png' /></a>


												<if test="$this->settings['ExtraNavDropdown']=='yes'">

												   <li class='left'><a href="#" class='ipbmenu' id='extra_nav'>Extra links <img src='{style_images_url}/useropts_arrow.png' /></a></li>


												<li id="searchTrigger">

												   <a href="#"><img src="{style_images_url}/_custom/searchIcon.png" alt="" border="0" /></a>

	<div id="searchWrap">

		<img class="searchTip" src="{style_images_url}/_custom/searchWrap_tip.png" alt="" />

		{parse template="quickSearch" group="global" params=""}




					<script type='text/javascript'>

						 if( $('primary_nav') ){	 ipb.global.activateMainMenu(); }



Believe me I'm not trying to teach you how to do your work nor this is my work, this is a friend work and he helped me greatly get the Navigation bar fixed. If we compared our skills I would be below a beginner compared to your own skills.

I'm looking forward for the new version.

As for the Width, I'm going to try it now.

Edit: Seems It is only me who is having an issue with promenu, not this skin. something wrong on my side.

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The skin was designed with a simple HTML text logo to be used, not some large, fancy image logo.

And it is impossible to make it so the banner will NEVER affect the navigation bar unless one of the two are positioned using absolute positioning.

As for the Promenu, Robert Simmons says he can't replicate your issue, I will be trying to replicate it myself in just a moment, but it sounds like it is not a skin issue since another customer has the promenu and it is working normally.

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I have installed this on 3.3.1 however although I can change colours, but cannot change views, font or width.
Also quick navigation icon is off in chrome, it has to be set to 2px for it to line up properly but then it puts it off in firefox

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so at present i've spent $20 on a skin thats not functional and all you can suggest is reimport, which I have done, also tried another installation, same issue

I got the skin. I'm using IPB 3.3.1

Every little thing in the skin works just fine (see for yourself duguild.com). Definitely issue is from your side. I suggest first check your server CHMD if you think they are correct double check them, then if that did not work re-upload the files.
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finally got it working, however as with ee_joseph the logo size is an issue, just by changing the text which has 17 letters including spaces, puts the nav out of line...even without changing the logo text, there's a few bits out of whack if you view it in chrome and firefox you can see the issues.

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^ can be fixed by making both the logo and the nav bar position absolute and then move the nav bar somewhere else.

Take a copy of your ips_style.css and then replace #logo & #Primary_nav with my own modification. USE WITH KNOWING THIS IS MY OWN WORK IT MIGHT WORK FOR YOU AND IT MIGHT NOT I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE.

#branding .main_width { position: relative; }

#logo { display: inline; float: left; position:absolute; }

#primary_nav {

		  /*font-size: 12px;

			font-weight: bold;

			display: inline;

			float: none;

			position: absolute;

			top: 204px;   /*set This to 8px if you are using Text LOGO*/

			text-align: right;*/

			font-size: 12px;

			font-weight: bold;

			float: left;

			position: absolute;

			padding-right:225px; /* Remove this if you wish to have the nav bar on the left side*/

			right: -100px; /* Set this to 0 if you are using Text Logo*/

			top: 204px;

			width: 80%;

			text-align: center;

After using my work you will notice Firefox is being a B****. Go into your globalTemplate (Take a copy FIRST) and find :

<!-- ::: BRANDING STRIP: Logo and search box ::: -->

   <div id='branding'>

	<div class='main_width'>

	 <div id="logo">

Replace <div id="logo"> with

<div id="">

Remember the numbers above are for my own needs change them as you see fit. I wrote notes for ya so pay attention to them.

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OK I have ended up buying this let's just hope it isn't fool on me again...

One problem I have noticed testing it on my local system is that it flicks the base 'blue' colour before showing the selection. What I would like to be able to to is specify the colour and disallow selection. Is that simple to do?

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Yes, you should be able to disable the color picker in the settings template file. Just change this the "on" to "off" in the style_switcher setting.

Then to make a certain color default, open up the globalTemplate and find the following:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$this->settings['css_base_url']}style_css/{$this->registry->output->skin['_csscacheid']}/blue.css" />

<link rel="alternate stylesheet" type="text/css" title='blue-css' media="screen" href="{$this->settings['css_base_url']}style_css/{$this->registry->output->skin['_csscacheid']}/blue.css" />

<link rel="alternate stylesheet" type="text/css" title='red-css' media="screen" href="{$this->settings['css_base_url']}style_css/{$this->registry->output->skin['_csscacheid']}/red.css" />

<link rel="alternate stylesheet" type="text/css" title='green-css' media="screen" href="{$this->settings['css_base_url']}style_css/{$this->registry->output->skin['_csscacheid']}/green.css" />

You'll see the first blue is the default then the next blue, green, and red have rel="alternate stylesheet"

Just delete or comment out the colors you don't want then change your default from "alternate styleseet" to just "stylesheet"

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I only have it local, the more has the links in them but as you can see form the image the width is wrong and it is dropping to the next 'line'

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This is twice I have been stiffed wit skin by this bloke. First time after buying the skin I paid for updates and then he decided to abandon me even though I paid for all work done. Now he came up with this script and it had issues (as seen in previous messages) I try to be quite fair but this is just a total ripoff!

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