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1px "issue" in dropdown menus (custom menus and "More" apps)


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Okay, as i reported


and IPS (Brandon) claims this is not a bug, i post my "opinion" (lol...) here:

The "More" Apps and the custom menu of IP.Content have a 1px design issue (since the beginning) which looks ugly (particularly in the custom menus of IP.Content).

This should be "fixed".



.... wait... that is a purposeful offset indicating activity is it not?
That has been like that(active a hair taller than the others) since 3.1 at very least.... not certain I am Actually opposed to it being there.... subdued as it now is.
I would agree this is an opinion, its an intentional extra 1px on the active tab/menu so one can distinguish.... :turned:
What You call ugly here is good design space usage... if it did precisely match one would have trouble telling which tab's menu is open....
or could play chase the menus like we do in the ACP as a result on hover trigger :dry: .
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Look at the top left corner of the active element in the drop down menu. Would be more fluid if the menu was 1px lower, to make if flow with the bottom line of #primary_nav.

... :tongue: I Still say intentional.
,,, Now Make That Three Hover-Triggered Menu's Instead...
I Don't agree its ugly or a bug.. I think it is good sense to allow the user a usable menu regardless of the effect used.... Hover+that positioning is no bueno.
Now COLOR... I'm with you on that one :P consistency... :console:
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If the "hover" and the list items become a different color then the standard/other menu entrys you can put the complete "list" 1px to the bottom without confusing the users. This is STANDARD for those menus, only IPS declare the 1px BUG is a feature :tongue:

A 1px offset that was put in place intentionally is not a bug. Period.

We can debate here if it is the best design implementation, sure. But your opinion that it "looks ugly" does not, I'm afraid, automatically make something a bug.

Now COLOR... I'm with you on that one :tongue: consistency... :console:

As mentioned in the tracker, Rikki was not happy with neither the light blue nor the white, and is going to be looking into the hover color (and making them consistent)
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