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The only option you have is to delete a member's content i.e. posts, topics and personal messages sent. Plus their gallery albums as well.

I usually delete banned member's posts if they have any.

I can't think how you could be legally compelled to supply all of a banned members content even if it were possible. If they want to read it they could sign in as a guest and search for it (assuming you haven't blocked their IP)


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If a member wants to download ALL of his content (all topics/posts, PMs, blog entries, etc) for archiving reasons or otherwise, is there a way? If not I think it should be implemented especially for banned members who want their content and they have no more access to it.

It's kind of circular to have a "download all content" feature for banned members, isn't it? I mean, they're banned, off the site, with massively restricted permissions, right? I do see value in a download facility for PMs, however, if not anything else than for the convenience of being able to dump all the data there into a separate file for personal storage.

I do doubt that IPS is going to implement something like this site wide, though. This would likely be a rather server intensive process (imagine a user with thousands of postsPMsblogs dloading the whole nine yards at once), plus it could potentially be an admin nightmare waiting to happen (Marcher's example up there.)

Perhaps try hitting up the gang at the Modification Requests forum?
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Even if members couldn't do that, I think admins should be able to export content of a user if needed. Not a top priority but still interesting.

The technicalities can be resolved.

now you never once said an admin tool mate :tongue:
I see value in that right off the bat, perhaps backing up before you nuke an account to reapply it to a different user....... I've seen a need for that myself....
:tongue: theres quite a difference in letting the user walk off with content and giving an admin a tool to store/restore it for the user.
However, from a code standpoint.... that's a doozy... one would have to search viably any table with the key member_id(..there's others it could be stored as) in many tables depending upon installed apps to even FIND all one users content.....
just thoughts, I have no time to actually code that massive a mod atm.
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Just create a clause in your ToS that states all content posted on your site will belong to your site and you reserve the right to remove, distribute, and enable access to it.

Careful, that will contradict the "We're not responsible for users comments" section of terms.
If questionable content is posted that would mean you, as board owner, are liable for whatever's written.

My advice... Tell the banned user to be quiet.
They're not gonna empty their savings to go for a lawsuit under data protection acts (in which you'll only need to give them a screen-short of their profile page anyway) to retrieve information they posted. Can't think what kind of vital information they would have posted to a public forum anyway.

Unless you completely changed your registration terms, it should read:
"We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message."
So you can happily tell them that they agreed to that statement on sign-up and whatever they've posted you're not responsible for. If their content is gone, modified, posted elsewhere... you're simply not responsible.

They're banned... stop wasting your time on them.
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