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Download: (C32) Post Sidebar Message

Dylan Riggs

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File Name: (C32) Post Sidebar Message

File Submitter: Dylan Riggs

File Submitted: 23 Dec 2011

File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook adds a simple message to the sidebar of the post screen when creating a new topic. First hook, so no bashing :smile:


  • Enable/Disable Hook
  • Enable/Disable Title
  • BBcode Parsing
  • Enable/Disable new lines.
  • HTML Parsing (If enabled in hook)
  • Show message to only selected groups.
  • Show message to users with a certain amount of posts.
  • Show message on selected forums
  • Use a Title icon
  • Show at either top or bottom of sidebar

Enjoy, hope it works :rofl:

Click here to download this file

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Just to say, its working great.

As for feedback... could you consider adding a setting so that it only shows for members below X number of posts?

As a further development, it would be great to have the ability to enter additional messages that way we can have different messages for different user groups.



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New update!
This update brings an option to change it's position, title icons and 2 other options you won't really care about. Make sure you uninstall the old.

Basically with these new options it allows you to use the HTML parsing for multiple titles without issues with padding (make sure you disable that if you use this)

Example code of muli-titled sidebar messages:

<div class="ipsPad">It's possible to use the HTML parsing to show...</div>

<h3 class="bar">Next Title</h3>

<div class="ipsPad">...multiple titles if you wanted to tell people different things. :D</div>

<h3 class="bar" style="color:blue">Notes</h3>

<div class="ipsPad">Unfortunately, the permission still apply to the entire message. Also be careful not to mess up your HTML or it could break the post page :(</div>

Note that permissions still apply to the entire message. You'll see that I didn't put a title to the first message, that is because I'm using the title field for the first title. If you change your message position, you MUST re-cache your skins.

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Super mod! I think it would be even greater with possibility to add it to quick reply and using different warning styles(css).

It would be good, however the fast reply would need CSS edits to the editor to fit in the sidebar... which I don't think I can do automatically with a hook. As for pre-defined styles, i'll keep it in mind.
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