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  1. Jim

    Community Map

    Thank you Martin. Much appreciated.
  2. Jim

    Community Map

    Hi @Martin A. I've purchased your Application as I wanted to understand how it all works. Quick question, I have tried to set any of the 'Stadia' maps options to show and they are all blank. Checked on Safari and Chrome, both the same. Jim
  3. Jim

    Community Map

    @Martin A. and @Steve Bullman, Afraid my knowledge of what the maps can and cannot do is limited, so maybe some form of restriction from entering a postcode, street name or physically dropping a pin? So this would force the user to only type in a town, city? However if that is possible, maybe consider some form of user group based permissions... For example I would want to restrict my members to protect their privacy etc, but I have Club Sponsors who as a business would want their exact location pinning and I would consider having pins for events/meeting locations etc. Regards Jim
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have done this, but by selecting Forums it displays everywhere, ideally I'd like this to only display next to the Members Username alongside their post as per the screenshot: Could there be some consideration for finer settings where it displays within the forums as there are a lot of places currently... Regards Jim Also the option of it showing on the 'Who's Online' Widget?
  5. Hi @Adriano Faria, Thanks for the application. Is there a way or consideration for this to be displayed on just the members post rather than everywhere in the forums please?
  6. Jim

    Community Map

    Hi, Am I able to restrict how precise a member can pin their location. I'm happy for members to select their town / general area, but not any more specific than that for security/safety. Regards Jim
    Thank you very much Michael.
  7. Hi @opentype I've probably purchased this when its slightly out of my technical ability. There is mention of a PDF Guide, but because of the installation being done via the AdminCP, I obviously don't have this. Is this something you are able to provide me please? Regards Jim
  8. Fantastic, thank you Dawid! Really appreciate your time and as always, excellent support!
  9. That would be great please Dawid.
  10. Top man, thank you @DawPi never even gave it a thought to check there... I've restricted profiles and search. However, still have popular contributors showing and some other sidebars... any idea how to completely restrict access to sidebars?? Jim
  11. I'm either missing a setting(s) that's obvious, or what I am after doesn't exist... I'm setting up a forum for someone who requires a fairly unique setup. When it comes to guest access, there appears to be limited options to help achieve what I need. Option 1 - No access to forums: If I don't allow them to the website, they are simply presented with the login page... there is no menu bar showing (even though its set to show to guests)... this is too extreme as they cannot even read some of the pages I have created... so cannot see this being an option as I can't even add a text box with links that they can view. So this takes me to option 2... Option 2 - Limited access to forums: So giving them access to the website and preventing them from reading posts seems the logical step... however, two issues... They can view the sidebar blocks... which means they can see members... which in turn means they can view the members profiles... this cannot happen. I simply want guests to: View the certain menu buttons I've granted access to (sorted by allowing access to forums) Not see any of the forums (sorted via permission) or Not be able to view sidebar (issue) Not be able to see members names / access their profiles (issue because of the sidebar) Not be able to search (I've set this to one search per day to limit this... I'm really surprised there isn't a setting to stop guest searching) Any ideas or suggestions how to achieve this??
  12. Dawid is an excellent developer and his communication skills are excellent. My request was quickly started and Dawid soon presented me with screenshots of his progression, which is very reassuring. I requested some changes based on the screenshots which were soon completed. I was soon given a download to test, which was spot on. Dawid was patient answering my questions and quick to explain. Highly recommended. Thank you Dawid
  13. Great news and a perfect start to what can be an ideal solution all round. The ability to discover other communities is going to be a great future in its own right.
  14. @InvisionHQ Hope you can help me... I've disabled the user menu buttons in favour of re-creating them on the main menu. The only one I cannot do is the 'My Adverts' as the link includes my profile specifically: http://xxxxxx.com/profile/1-jim/content/?type=classifieds_advert What would the URL need to be so that regardless who clicks it, it will go to their profile please? Regards Jim
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