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Download: SWF BB Code


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File Name: SWF BB Code
File Submitter: JPavey
File Submitted: 10 Jun 2011
File Category: Miscellaneous XML Files

Want to show some of your users a quick funny trollface? Well you have come to the right BB Code! This simple SWF BB Code can now let you run all of your .swf files wherever you need on your forum! Using a simple [swf]http://www.trollface.swf[/swf]

For example - [swf]http://www.apiljuce.com/flash/Flash%20Loops/deth.swf[/swf]
Would Show - %7Boption%7D (moving swf of course!)

Hope you enjoy another free BB Code.

Click here to download this file

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Hi Michael,

I personally would have thought that it should have at least something in the documentation about using this on normal memberships group, since it would then open up any board to a security issue.

Obviously, it could be used for admins or moderators.

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If you think this modification is not a security issue then I would suggest you ask how MySpace was hacked in 2006 (read more here), when they had no parameter control restrictions in place. You only have to Google on Adobe Security to find out that this is a big security hole without any parameters to control the SWF behavior. Without any parameters set the SWF can be controlled externally, which is not a viable idea on any forum.

Back then with MySpace it was only a redirect - these days much more can be done, if a person knows how actionscript works.

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  • 2 years later...
Those files are currently in a legacy category.

During a Marketplace cleanup we've had planned for a few months (with emails and messages to remind authors since last November), authors are moving their files to the newer categories. This would be the reason why currently its not downloadable as the author has not yet moved it.

I would recommend giving it a day or so (to allow the author to move it) then try it again, simply as its only since the 15th February the download ability was removed for those legacy categories.

If its still not possible to download, I would suggest posting in the support topic for it, to remind the author it needs moving.

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