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View New Content and Sphinx problem


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As I understood, my View New Content erratic behavior will be resolved in 3.2. However my board is virtually unusable, by this problem and I started to lose patience. When should I expect such an important feature to be solved? It is simply unacceptable to wait over 1 month a fix for such an important problem.

Basically, my members relies on View New Content feature, which is now simply not useable.

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Of all the features we receive feedback on, view new content receives the most. To many this is their primary browsing page and it's vital that it works accurately. We've had database level topic tracking for many years. It was introduced in 2.0 and has gone through many refinements for efficiency and accuracy.

And I agree with Matt fully.

However, mine is not working at all for over a month, and when asked when it will be fixed, it was told to me that in 3.2. However now I am desperate for a fix. What should I do?

I am really desperate. Invision, please do something to fix this!
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I am sure I was told in a ticket that VNC does not use Sphinx (apologies if I am mistaken, but could have sworn someone said that)

Empirical yes but..... with sphinx on I have deltas in my VNC and Todays Active Topics. Order is also jacked and duplicates. If I break the path to sphinx neither service works. If I go back to mysql search everything is fine. So with that, I am going to ASSUME that both do indeed use sphinx. That and I looked at the code and they do ;)
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Per Jason H

In /admin/applications/forums/extensions/search/engines/sphinx.php


				$this->sphinxClient->SetGroupBy( 'last_post_group', SPH_GROUPBY_ATTR, '@group ' . $sort_order );


						$this->sphinxClient->SetGroupDistinct ( "tid" );

				$this->sphinxClient->SetGroupBy( 'tid', SPH_GROUPBY_ATTR, 'last_post ' . $sort_order );

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