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How can i find if a table is using indexes?

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I am thinking to convert some big tables to Innodb and all members told me first to drop the index from my tables before i convert them to innodb.

Can anyone help me on how can i find if my tables are using indexes (IPB v2.3.x) and what is the name of them so i can use the:

ALTER TABLE ibf_posts DROP index `name of the index`

I want for the tables:

ibf_posts about 1.800.000 entries
ibf_topic_markers about 2.500.000 entries <--- Maybe i can clear this one?
ibf_topics about 250.000 entries
ibf_members about 200.000 entries

I am using cpanel and i have phpmyadmin that is easy to use but i can run a few commands from ssh if it is better.

Also i am using already sphinx if that helps.

Can anyone please help me with a screenshot or any other info to find that info?

Thank you

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I'd suggest you google some simple phpmyAdmin questions because you gain this information from phpMyAdmin. Maybe like a walk-through of the features of it. To get a better understanding.

Then write the necessary drop statement and run it from SSH.

Here is the screenshot of the functionality.


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Great thank you so much !

This is what i have there:


How can i adjust now the command?

ALTER TABLE ibf_posts DROP index `name of the index`

The name of the index that i must use is where i have the type: full text only like above keyname: "title" ?

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Is thi swhat i want?

ALTER TABLE ibf_topics DROP index `title`

ALTER TABLE ibf_topics ENGINE = InnoDB;

And for the other table:

ALTER TABLE ibf_posts DROP index `post`

ALTER TABLE ibf_posts ENGINE = InnoDB;

Also do i have to use on the first command the ` and for the second command the ; ?

Also i have a huge almost 3.000.000 entries table ibf_topic_markers and i want to ask if it is only to keep info of the users on which topics they have been there and nothing more or not?

So maybe i must convert this also.

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