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IP.SEO suggestions (from a vBSEO user standpoint)


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There were a few features that really stood out in vBSEO (at least to me) to really help a board rank well in any search engine so I hope these suggestions are really considered and thought through by the dev staff whether to implement them or not. I will tell you this, if it wasn't for my first suggestion below, I don't think my site would have had the massive growth it had when I was with vB.

1. Relevant Replacements (what vBSEO called it) - Hard to explain but what it is is an extension of your description. You would place it above your threads when you go into a forum category, or above the first post in a thread. The best thing about it is you are able to put h1,2,3,etc tags on what you (the owner) feels are most important and will yield the greatest results. Just a quick thing that shows an example of something I had on my site:

This discussion THREAD TITLE (h1) is found in FORUM CATEGORY (h2). THREAD TITLE is about [first x number of characters in first post input here](h3).

This will help Google discern better as to what your page is about and be able to rank you accordingly. You can pretty much do that now I believe, aside from the [first x number of characters in the first post], but getting all of it into a nice and neat feature would even help the nooby forum owners.

2. Shrink HTML (I forget the name :P ) - Basically it just takes out all the white space making your pages a fraction of the size for search engines to download. Really great feature if you can work it out. Google is ranking sites higher and higher for the speed of their sites, as I'm sure you know, so this would be great (just like your minify features :) ).

3. Customize your SEO'd URL's. Though most users probably won't be able to use this setting, I think it would be great to give the advanced user the ability to have a URL structure the way they like.

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One of the features I would like to see is the automatic page title generated when a link is posted so



"]IP.SEO suggestions (from a vBSEO user standpoint)[/url]

without any other interaction than pasting the url

+ possibility to rebuild all older links.
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I'm an ex-vB+vBseo user and Relevant Replacements and Automatic Page Title generation for [ulr] tag's without title(internal and external) are greate.

There is an hook for the last one, but only generates external titles.

Yeah, I saw that, but I love having the internal links do that too!
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