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  1. Why does IP.Board only support https for the login page?

    Well, this is mostly a problem on public wifi hotspots. I didn't mean stealing the cookie from someone using a different internet connection.
  2. Shouldn't it be on every page when you are logged in? I can still steal someone's cookie information if I really wanted to if it's not from an https.
  3. About to purchase! Homepage though....

    You can use IP.Content
  4. I thought that issue was fixed in 3.1?
  5. Yes, sex also makes people spend less time on forums, are you going to do something about that?
  6. A proposal toward improving IP.Board security

    Nice try with your reverse psychology, but I am still going to get into your site's ACP.
  7. Google+ Login Integration

    I think you mean signing in using your Google account. You don't sign in using Google+, you sign in using Google.
  8. Lacking a mobile app under IP.Board 3.3.0

    Yeah, IP.Content should be able to support different templates for Databases and Articles for use with mobile devices. For example, I might want to load an image on the top of every article on the desktop site, but I wouldn't want to on a mobile device.
  9. IP.Tracker, please IPS...

    IP.Tracker reminds me why I am nervous about using IP.Converge...
  10. No quick way to get to IPS homepage

    Yes, that is correct. Yeah, it changed in 3.2 which doesn't make much sense since it only take like 30 seconds to add the link to the home page.
  11. No quick way to get to IPS homepage

    No, it takes you to the IP.Board page. I want the main page. The home page. I am not going to settle for anything less.
  12. Google Search

    Doesn't IP.Board already ship a lot of features that most people don't use anyways. LDAP anyone? I won't use the google search, but it can't hurt to make it a disabled feature that can be enabled.
  13. [suggestion] Allow reputation edits

    IPS loved this idea so much, they decided to hire him.
  14. You made my day with the photo.

  15. Guest Commenting

    OK, if you allow guests to comment, they are asked for their name or sign in. If they are not allowed to comment, they are not even asked to sign in at the very least. Plus, the facebook and twitter icons for the sign in should also be included as well as the option to register.