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Eduardo Bautista

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You're comparing apples to oranges.

Google Ads is comparable to other advertising companies in that there is a central party that pays people for clicks or views (advertisers) and collects the funds from the companies being advertised (merchants).

The company still has to make deals with the merchants to get their business and money to pay out to those who advertise for them.

In this scenario, you are essentially that company, where you have to find the merchants willing to pay for the advertising, just you aren't in turn paying others to display the actual ads.

In the dishwasher comparison, Google Ads would be the entity collecting the dishes to put into the dishwasher.

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Well, Google AdWords gives you the ads... :whistle:

If you are suggesting that IPS replicate the services provided by adsense and other advertising networks then I can't really see that happening. However, Ad code integration in order to utilise Google Adsense, or any advertising provider you like, is already built in to IP.Board

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