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  1. Suggestion: ACP extensibility

    [quote name='tera
  2. Suggestion: ACP extensibility

    I'm sorry about the epically late post, but I thought it would be better than making a whole new topic. Is there any news about this? I am really excited about possibly being able to hook into the ACP with, well, hooks.
  3. Download: Zodiac (star sign) in User Info Pane

    Do the members you are looking at have their full birthday set?
  4. Download: Zodiac (star sign) in User Info Pane

    For now it just shows text, but I'll work on putting images in instead in the next version.
  5. File Name: Zodiac (star sign) in User Info Pane File Submitter: Massive Dynamics File Submitted: 14 Jan 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This mod shows the user's star sign in their user info pane. If there is no birthday or birth-month selected, it shows "Unknown". Click here to download this file
  6. Download: [MD31] Group format 1.0.6

    Soon, DBDC, very soon ;) EDIT: LBDC <_<
  7. Download: [MD31] Group format 1.0.6

    I might have a beta version up next week.
  8. File Name: Weekly Automatic Warning Decrase File Submitter: Massive Dynamics File Submitted: 28 Dec 2010 File Category: Miscellaneous XML Files This is a quick task that lowers everyone's warning level by 1 every week. It doesn't affect those that have no warning level or a warning level of 0. Installation: Upload the file in the directory 'upload', keeping file paths. Then go to System->System Scheduler in the ACP. Scroll down, select task.xml, and click upload. This task can then be edited via the system scheduler. Click here to download this file
  9. Suggestion: ACP extensibility

    I know this probably won't make it into 3.2 if you accept it, and maybe not even 3.3 if it will exist, but I say that it is a much needed feature. The front end of the forums can be extended with hooks, and so are all of the applications. However, there is one part of the forum that cannot be changed without file edits... The ACP (Admin Control Panel) can only be changed with new applications (and settings etc with hooks), but the general layout stays the same. It has no hooks as such, and cannot be skinned without file edits (as far as I know!) Please, at least think about implementing this. I don't care if it doesn't make it until even IPB 5, as long as it happens at some stage
  10. I replied to http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/328665-reduce-the-warnings/ , good luck :P

  11. File Name: [MD31] Uploader (choice) in user info pane File Submitter: Massive Dynamics File Submitted: 25 Dec 2010 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This is another of the little hooks that I've been working on today. I saw the entry in the MySQL database and I just couldn't resist writing this up. Click here to download this file
  12. Merry Christmas from Australia :D

    1. Black-Elmo


      Merry Christmas for Queensland

    2. .Ian


      Is it almost Boxing Day?

  13. Download: [MD31] Profile views in user info pane

    Updated to 1.0.1 - This is highly recommended because the original was not receiving the correct data in topics with any replies.
  14. Download: [MD31] Editor choice in user info pane

    Made another update (1.0.2) - This is highly recommended as 1.0 and 1.0.1 were receiving the wrong data.