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  1. am getting blank topics when users post, when i edit and save i see it again..why!?

    1. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      Status updates are not a support channel, please make a post in a support forum or open a ticket.

  2. bad user looking for warez stuff!

  3. (DP32) Reputation Time

    DawPi lol, thx but not nice to call me a n00b, i didn't notice a setting option thats all. thx for such an amazing mod never the less ur effort is much appreciated.
  4. one smart mod, i will keep on updating my site to work with ur mod.
  5. never the less, thanks for your mod and effort in making it, lets just hope this works.
  6. too lazy to really update the file now? disappointed..
  7. (DP32) Reputation Time

    here is my site: http://skdown.net/forum/ i will give u acp details when u say it is not working. i also changed the theme same effect (in case it is template related issue)
  8. not really working or making any change at all. page is loading normally and pictures at the bottom of the posts are loading as well. i tried with several pages and different browsers. too good to be true.
  9. (DP32) Reputation Time

    not working, am using 3.1.2
  10. doing services for CommunitySEO to reditect ALL links, pm me!

    1. SKDown


      also converting from ipb to vb/vbseo! save all ur links and google traffic!

  11. full rating is just a bother, the +1/-1 is just enough and it is good! yet i agree with you, their is no history for those who rated or diagrams, i guess mods can be done for such purpose. but if you ask me, this shouldn't get between you and having this amazing IPB! simply make a request and trust me ipb team will do it if this is a deal breaker.
  12. got my GRE exam soon :/

  13. IP.Ads

    can you confirm this? what are your sources?
  14. (DP34) Similar Topics

    do not use it since it will do queries for every topic view. it will simply crash your forum for heavy sites! AVOID it at all costs.