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PHP 5.2 vs PHP 5.3

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I have heard that PHP 5.3 can be between 10% and 30% faster than PHP 5.2 and use up to 40% less memory. For wordpress it's suppose to be 15% faster.

My question is how much faster could it be for IPB 3.1.1 and how does that translate in the real world.

My ping to my server is roughly 160ms
The load time at the bottom of ipb is 0.0400 sec to 0.0650 sec (normally 0.1200 to 1.800 on here :P )
Using Litespeed and Memcache
Pagespeed 1.8 rating of 79/100 for index page

So will it be around 10-30% faster on the whole loading process or just 10-30% on 0.0500 sec to 0.0650 sec ?

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Since ioncube loader is available for both php 5.2 and 5.3 what you think (according to your experience) is better.

php 5.2.x (5.2.13 currently) with ioncude and Zend Optimizer or
php 5.3.x (5.3.2 currently) with ioncube only?

I am using suPHP for security reasons as well (ok, I know it's slower, but I prefer it , instead of leaving world - writable directories).

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