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  1. Drag and drop moderation: - To merge two topics just click and hold on the topic title and drag it onto another topic. - To delete a topic, click and hold then drag to the bottom of your screen. - To rename a topic, triple click on the title? - To pin a topic, drag it to the top of the screen and you can order the pinned topics by dragging them into place. Mobile functionality: Fact is that the mobile market is massive but if you want a quick chat on the go then forums are way down the list. The mobile side of IPB has to be slick and full of features.
  2. How do you use this as an announcement system?
  3. I need to wait until I get more cash to buy this, tough times.
  4. I have bought this for a site that usually gets 100-300 posts per day. I will see how it works with a live community. It would be good if you could customize the display mode, I would like to display it as an announcement in the Shoutbox.
  5. It was removed a few versions ago because its pointless and increases the ipb development time.
  6. Seems like this has conflicted with another top posters of the day mod on my site by using the same skin template hookTopPosters
  7. I found this layout was very messy and used a lot of space so I changed it to this, just one per line with a 15px image. <div class='ipsSideBlock clearfix'> <h3><img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/user_comment.png' alt='' /> {$this->lang->words['todays_top_posters']}</h3> <div class='_sbcollapsable'> <if test="topposters:|:is_array($posters) AND count($posters)"> <ul class='ipsList_withminiphoto'> <foreach loop="top_posters_hook:$posters as $r"> <li class='clearfix'> <a href='{parse url="showuser={$r['member_id']}" template="showuser" seotitle="{$r['members_seo_name']}" base="public"}' title='{$this->lang->words['view_profile']}'></a><img src='{$r['pp_thumb_photo']}' width='15px' height='15px' alt='{$this->lang->words['photo']}' class='ipsUserPhoto_tiny' /> <span class='name'>{parse template="userHoverCard" group="global" params="$r"} ({$r['tpost']})</span> </li> </foreach> </ul> </if> </div> </div>
  8. Go into the settings, Hook: Global Shoutbox. Go down to location settings and choose include on in specified pages listed below, then add your url's in the box below.
  9. I just noticed that, wow I wonder what everyone has thought What the heck? Uuuugh it's because my photo automatically updated from facebook. Because of the new facebook layout I decided to merge my two fav things. Portal 2 and Inception.
  10. Submitted: http://invisionfocus.com/tracker/issue-566-ability-to-see-everyones-shout-count/
  11. OK I guess, I thought you would be able to see other people's as well like click on their name in the shoutbox or hover over it and their shout total shows up.
  12. How does one see their own shout count?
  13. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/360465-adding-dynamic-social-buttons/
  14. I've made a change to my ip content page: http://celtictalk.org/ Before you could only see how many comments there were on the main page. Now I've added in twitter and facebook so people can see how many people have shared the articles. Then inside the articles I have the same buttons but also added google+ Personally this makes the sharing feature deeper. Would be good if I can add a reddit button that shows how many up votes it has then the same with digg. In one day two of my articles got onto the reddit soccer front page getting 200+ upvotes and 60+ upvotes. edit, I just learned that reddit does have such a feature, so that will be getting added right away.
  15. Well we changed the ratio of points because people were getting into the millions within weeks and billions wasn't far away. Now people are in the few thousands, reaching a million will be really hard but basically that means for the next few months the Top 20 points won won't change. Top top 10 is 50,000 or above and #1 is 1.6 million, right now people are only getting around 500 points per week. I just want to reset the top 20 points won without removing the bookie.
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