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  1. I've asked this already, where is the Bouncy Radio support for 3.2?

  2. I'm going to have to say that my favorite new feature of IP.Board 3.2.0 is the AdminCP button opening in a new window.

  3. Hey, do you not support Bouncy Radio anymore?

  4. I'll see what i can do when i get round to upgrading for 3.2.0 (i've not tested if it even works with 3.2.0 yet)
  5. Visual Skin Editor... VERY Impressive. Nice to see Local Storage being used :D

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    2. .Peter


      So for people using IE7 they're just S.O.L. on the Visual Editor?

    3. rsyvarth


      They could save the skin in between each page load... or they could upgrade their browser like a sane person.

    4. .time


      @.Peter I don't think anyone competent enough to run a forum still uses IE7.

      (...or IE at all ...*ducks*)

  6. I was just directed to this message after requesting a change in my licensed URL. This is really helpful stuff. The only question i have is regarding purchased add-ons. With the "Test Key" i noticed your purchased add-ons are not listed in the service list associated with your license key. Will this effect being able to use for example IP.Gallery on my development installation?
  7. The new 3.2.0 skin is starting to grow on me :)

    1. Andrej


      Agreed. Also so easy to change which is nice.

  8. cant get used to this new skin, just feels bulky :(

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Michael


      I rather like it myself. Lots of people said the old skin *was* broken. Just goes to show you that you can't please everyone.

    3. ash somers

      ash somers

      i tried to like it, honest :p

    4. AnthonyKinson


      theres some parts of it i like, but it feels like a step backwards, doesn't look or feel as professional as before

  9. BXBL v2.3.0 (Final) now available

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    2. TheRevTastic


      Ummm, pretty common to know that is bouncy xbox live.

    3. AnthonyKinson


      Yeah it's Bouncy Xbox Live, was a message for BXBL users who all pretty much know the abbreviation :)

    4. ørret


      Ah OK. Thanks.

  10. BXBL 2.3.0 FINAL finished! w00p! just building the installer and running upgrade tests :D

  11. Eva Mendes is definitely bang tidy


    1. JPavey
    2. .Peter


      Btw you never told us your Guess what yesterday >_>

    3. AnthonyKinson


      there was no real answer lol

  13. Guess what? (first correct guess wins my car)

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    2. Ajouz ♞

      Ajouz ♞

      your car destroyed totally

    3. .Peter


      @Ajouz now wouldn't that be ironic?

    4. AnthonyKinson


      all wrong lol

  14. £77.50 for a new passport, £20 for replacement driving license... my week just gets better and better -_-

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    2. AnthonyKinson


      driving license - http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/DriverLicensing/NeedANewOrUpdatedLicence/DG_4022089
      uk passport - http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Passports/Applyingforyourfirstadultpassport/DG_174100

    3. Mat B

      Mat B

      It's $350 or so to go through the full driver licensing system here Anthony, so I'd still call it cheap.

    4. AnthonyKinson


      oh thats just for the license card, we still have to pay to do the theory test as well, and then the practical test, as well as around £500 for a 1 week "crash course" driving lessons.

  15. Can't believe i've had my wallet stolen -_-

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    2. Wolfie


      AK, dude, that totally sucks. Hope karma pays that person back for what they did.

    3. .Peter


      @Wolfie wouldn't that be something if it worked out that way.

    4. AnthonyKinson


      Only reason i had that much on me was because i was meant to be buying an iPad. It was in my front jeans pocket too and was quite snug, i should of deffo noticed if it had fallen out or tried to of been taken. :(

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