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Social Groups App for IP.Board

Matt Enloe

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While it's quite a substantial development and might take some time to release, I feel it's important. It's featured in vBulletin, one of (if not) the largest competitors to IP.Board and it would be extremely useful for me to be able to specify forums and permissions for users in certain social groups. Currently I'm doing this manually via secondary usergroups and admin manual editing, but it's a pain in the butt and I have about 20 secondary user groups.

There was a modification for IPB 2.3 called Member Teams that accomplished this quite well, and there's SUPPOSED to be an app coming out for IPB3, but I haven't heard proof of development from either of those in ages.

I'm sure you could win a substantial number of vBulletin users over by releasing this, and many of us who have been with IPB for a while would appreciate it as well.

Thank you very much!

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The last time I talked to compguy (member teams guy) i was thinkign he said he doesn't code much anymore. I'm not 100% sure, but I thought he said that.

I doubt IPS will make this as an official app honestly. But who knows. If they don't have plans toand nobody has time to make it free, maybe I would make it for a low price. I personally don't have time to be working on much of anything as far as free mods though. I've been trying to think of some apps to make lately when I finish my third app I am currently working on.

Also I don't know much in the way of javascript and ajax, so I make apps which don't need the fancy features and then i figure I could always add those later when I do learn more of it. I know the member teams mod didn't really use much, if any, JS or ajax though.

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