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Report Center (send pm to reporter)


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Hello IPS I am playing around with IP.Board 3.1 I love what was done with the new version with the twitter connect and all the great features. I would like to see something in the next version if at all posible When people report posts or images. or downloads could a PM be sent to the reporter that reported it about the outcome of the image or topic report. weather the member got warned or topic got closed or image got removed from the gallery.

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This the job of the Moderator's to do

No it's not. Moderators are supposed to deal with the reports. They don't have to send out a PM to notify the users on the final action that was taken on the report.

If I go and file a police report, a police will probably look at it and take some action. Is it the police officer that writes me a note later? No. The administration does that. The police obviously reports to the administration though. This is already done automatically for moderations since admins can see the moderator logs.

An auto-PM would be very handy.
I agree with this suggestion.
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