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File Name: Greenline
File Submitter: holder10
File Submitted: 29 Mar 2010
File Updated: 21 Jul 2010
File Category: Light Skins

I really thought a lot about what could be improved before I started working on the skin. I looked carefully at every detail and read many different opinions about the current default IPB skin from users.

When designing the skin, I tried to follow the direction of the default skin. It isn't cluttered, it looks very nice and remains professional and easy to use.

I wanted to go into the same direction: Light, beautiful, professional and usable. We still made many improvements and really refined every element over and over until it was perfect.

So, in many cases, this skin is very different from the default skin. For example, the whole header area was completely re-designed and re-imagined, along many other parts of the skin.

Another advantage of the skin is, that thanks to many reordered elements - Skinner's have another, different base to start off with their skins. Plus, people who aren't that experienced with skinning can still change a lot of the colors themselves. Every single element (even the graphics) of the skin can change its color through CSS only. So you just have to search for the color values in the CSS and change them - no image changing necessary.

Thanks a LOT to everyone who contributed to the coding of the skin and thanks to everyone who waited patiently for the skin and supported me even when it looked like the skin would never be released. The skin definitely wouldn't be online now without you. I hope you all still have a use it for it. Please report any bugs you may find in the discussion topic.

This skin is not yet IPB 3.1 compatible.

Click here to download this file

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Seems to be alot of bugs in this skin. I just noticed when receiving a notification for PM's the superscript 1 on the avatar drops down to the header image. I also noticed that during PM's the postbit does not stay in place. You can view that bug here:


150x150 avatar is very broad!


Admin CP/Look & Feel/Template/Messenger "showConversation"


<div class='author_info'>

Add Above:

<div class='clear' /></div>

Regards Aspire

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Yes, I don't want to ask the same questions again as to when it'll be converted to 3.1 but one thing I can say is that the skin is absolutely brilliant work and I will be looking forward to it being compatible with 3.1 :) Nice job! -pats-

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Meh. I don't think there's a copyright on the editing of the skin, however I bet he'd want credits for making the original one.

If you do decide to "give a crack at it", please try and make a CSS/Page Tempelate for IP Content aswell :P

Thanks a lot in advance and good luck.

@Mr. Creator: Be quick! :P

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sorry, I just now saw this topic.

I am currently not offering a branding free option, but you could contact me through PM or E-Mail about it. I will see if we can work something out.

I would love to see this skin on IPB 3.1. Originally, aspire stated that he would update it to work with 3.1 as soon as the beta is released. Sadly, he hasn't answered any of my PMs in the last weeks regarding this topic. So I don't really know more on this topic.
If someone would like to update the skin to work with IPB 3.1 himself (or fix a few bugs), it would be great if that someone sends me a PM so we can work something out.

I'm afraid I can't answer other support questions as I am not very experienced with HTML and CSS and obviously didn't code the skin myself. :/


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Guest Digital-Photography-Forums

The 2 major things that needed upgraded to 3.1 that I've seen so far are the registration page, and the login area in the header. I already took care of the header part, and am going to start work on the registration page tonight or tomorrow.

Does anyone know if there are other templates that underwent major changes from 3.0 to 3.1?

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