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  1. Donkerrood, krijg ik nog antwoord op m'n PB over waarom de balk zo groot zou zijn. (in PB stond mijn URL)
  2. Even gemakkelijk doen in het Nederlands: Bij mij is de balk breder dan op preview-foto bij download. kan zit aan mijn CSS code liggen of vanuit de Cookie bar zelf?
  3. Redirect URIs http://www.jorum.nl/interface/board/google.php http://www.jorum.nl/interface/board/linkgoogle.php https://www.jorum.nl/interface/board/google.php https://www.jorum.nl/interface/board/linkgoogle.php Javascript origins http://www.jorum.nl This is what I have, what is wrong with it? I have still the error.
  4. I don't get it. I have done everything but nottings changings. It's all the time this error: "The redirect URI in the request: http://jorum.nl/interface/board/google.php did not match a registered redirect URI" ..
  5. I can't find the problem but is it possible to disable the timeout function?
  6. Yes, I have uploaded the JS file and no i don't have customized the templates. The Global Shoutbox Hook ;)
  7. I have this issue when I'm in a timeout then have i this button to go back but when i click on it. It's doing nothing, weird.
  8. yeah, i have found it before I read you answer. Thanks! :)
  9. Yeah, i know that. But how do I create a department? I don't get it, i'm sorry.
  10. But I can't add email because this error: [#11737] ERROR: You must create a department first.
  11. How can I add a email address? I can't find that.
  12. I have use the Firebug, but I see the javascript but I can't find the problem.
  13. I think that we miss a javascript/ajax code, but I'm not sure.
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