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  1. While using the compact mode, it seems as if the users' profile images will not show. I went ahead and screen captured it for you:
  2. If that's the worse thing in IPB 3.2 then you know that IPB did one hell of a job. :P
  3. Yeah seriously, this is hilarious. Stop taking life so seriously, seriously. :D
  4. Hey Ryan, thanks for helping out with my last question. I have another one. Basically, I like the fact that you are able to filter with prefix you want to show with the filter shown below: However, I was wondering if there is any way for me to add that same filter to the top of the page, right above the start new topic and then centered on the page? Is this possible?
  5. I'm having the same problem. The link in the dashboard takes me to the vigling dashboard.
  6. Hey there! So I read through this thread and found fixes to two problems I'm having, but when I tried to do those, I received an error. 1. My first problem is I want to remove the "prefix" from the topic title. You told another member to open up sldTopicPrefixes_TopicView and remove line 55. On my notepad++, line 55 is this: if( is_array( $this->prefix ) ) { I deleted that and got a lengthy error, some I'm assuming I deleted the wrong thing. Could you let me know which line needs to be deleted since my line #'s seem to be off? 2. My second problem is I want to change the term "Topic Prefix" that appears anytime somebody creates a new thread to something else. I read it has to do something w/ the lanaguge or variable (sorry I'm not really knowledeable in these sort of things.) Long story short, I could not find where to edit that. Could you also show me where I can do that? Thank you!
  7. Need a custom mod done. WIll pay low XXX for it. PM me if interested.

    1. Mat [terrafinity]

      Mat [terrafinity]

      Were I in your position, I'd probably leave out the "low" bit. Especially when you provide no details of the project. Just a tip, ignore it if you like.

    2. Four Year Strong

      Four Year Strong

      I just want to let people know what my budget is for this project. Obviously, I'll work with the plugin author if it requires a bit more.

    3. Wolfie


      Would help if you told what you need.

  8. Cool beans.... mang.

  9. This is why I love IPS. They actually listen to the customers instead of putting us on the back-burner.
  10. I love how IPB listens to us... makes me feel all fuzzy inside :P
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