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  1. Why the new name?

  2. Wonders what Anthony Kinson is going to do about Bouncy Xbox Live.... :( I need it fixed or something so my community can use it again!

    1. xBeccax


      Yea, mine is busted too. He told me theres no refunds but that he is working on getting it running again.

    2. .Peter


      We need a @Anthony Kinson feature in IPB so he gets a PM when we mention his name...

    3. xLemur
  3. ENDY! HAI ENDY! It's Dylan... :D

  4. Why was Elegant removed?

  5. They should also make it where you can choose pre-defined reasons from a dropdown menu (customizable setting by the admin) when reporting a post...IE "spam" and then select certain groups to recieve the report for certain reasons.
  6. Someone could make a "Change Reputation Grace Time"
  7. Well, I currently use Smart FTP to find things in files, then replace the stuff manually. Is there any program that will allow me to put in like find: blah blah blah replace with: blah blah blah? Because most of the programs like notepad, mess it up because the code changes from the spaces, etc. being properly laid out and it sometimes doesn't even get the whole code I paste into it.... example: :D
  8. That's already possible, just add the forum, then edit the permissions for it and you'll see a thing that says "copy permissions from....."
  9. :D IPB > All other forum softwares in my opinion. The only thing other than IPB that I would use is myBB. Because of the Ajax for replies,etc. IPB FTW! Also, congrats on making the move :D
  10. You forgot something, mainly my favorite thing about the IPS Staff. They don't copy and paste things to reply to your ticket. Unlike most people, they don't :D
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