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Skin Importing


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Suggestion: I was wondering if its possible to somehow prevent the "nothing to import" message when the .xml (specifically, the image xml) exceeds the limits.

I'm assuming its because in the few cases I've seen the xml is larger than the upload_max_filesize in php, rather than the post_max being exceeded.

The message is not (quite) true from what I gather it is correct in that IPB does not "see" the file as it has not got that far with it, but I wonder if its possible to somehow examine the file size and then perhaps fail with a different error instead so the admin is more aware of the reason for the failure to import.

If your server's upload limit is set to the usual setting of 2mb, and your xml is 2.2mb it will fail.

I've probably not explained this too well. :unsure: , at the moment the sensible work around is for the supplying skinner to export the image xml without some of the larger images to keep the filesize down, then have them added manually later.

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Ah OK.

I think I was hoping we could have somehow determined the likely cause of this from examining the file size > upload_max_filesize etc and displaying a different error.

If there's no practical way of doing it then no problem then. :thumbsup:

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