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Receive email reply's "on by default"


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If you would Yes, I did a search here and and saw a few people asking about this also. No answer though! I would still like by default to have this set to on. As it's hard enough getting new members as it is, but even worse after they join and post if they get no email sent on replies to come back again.

As 99.9% of new members don't set this feature on after they first join.So they never know if a person replied unless they come back and find their thread again.Really there should be a setting to do this in the admin cp like vBulletin has that I used to use. It's a real MUST HAVE to help your forum get more busy.

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Try this..

Open file: admin/applications/core/modules_public/global/register.php

Save and upload.

This overwrite member choose upon register.

'allow_admin_mails'		=> intval( $this->request['allow_admin_mail'] ),

Change to:

'allow_admin_mails'		=> 1,
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It's not admin emails I mean, I mean when a person registers by default when they make a post or start a new thread. They don't get subscribed to that thread (getting an email) if a person replies to them. To get them they have to go into their Profile settings and setting their emails settings to get instant email notifications on all threads and posts they start or reply back too.

What you've posted above (I could be wrong). Looks like setting members up to get Admin emails sent from the board.

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No :hmm:

What that would do is subscribe every member into getting an email for every single new thread started "that they've not even posted in, or started themselves". They would hang me if I did that!!! :no:

Let's say you join my forum right, and you make a new thread then leave. Then I make a reply back to that thread later. You will not get sent an email to let you know I made a reply to it. Why? Because after you joined you didn't go into your email settings in your profile and set-up the setting to be notified by email (instantly) on all Threads you start, or Posts you reply too. Because by default that setting is setup after registration for you not too be subsricbed in getting emails sent from the board on threads started, or any posts you reply too. :cat:

Note This will only send the email to those who have chosen to 'Allow emails from the administrators'.

Automatically subscribe to every forumPlease choose which user groups you'd like to automatically be subscribed for email notification of new topics (not replies) in every forum available to them. This means that members having a selected PRIMARY group will be emailed everytime there is a new topic and they are not online to view it.

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Members can change this in their usercp. You could modify the registration process to set this field to 1 on registration (instead of default 0) similar to your first suggestion DawPi (instead the field is auto_track I believe, but I don't know for sure that it's a 1/0 field exactly).

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