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Translation of default and selfmade Profile Fields


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At this point, profile fields are not listed in translation menu. I guess that's because board admins can alter and add as much as they like. In the front end of the board however, this means that people choose a language, but when entering a profile, everything is in english (and there are many people in this world that do not speak english well enough to understand everything).

Off course Board Admins can translate these fields into the native language of their board, but then English people using the english language will be confronted with that native language. Translating therefor is only an option if you translate a board in your native language and only use one language throughout the entire board.

There is an option to add new profile fields, but that means new columns in database will be created, because one part uses english profile fields to enter data and the other users de fields of other languages. This makes it difficult to query data, cause same type data is spread in the database over various columns.

Then there is the possibility of altering the profile fields zo contents will be in both languages. That's an option for boards with few languages, but with more than 2 languages, profile field names will contain so much text that filling in a profile is not appealing to new users.

It would be nice if this important part of forums (after all it all starts with registration and creating a profile) would be in the translation bits.
It can start out with the primary profile fields, with the contents in english, that come with the installation. When translating through ACP it at least minimizes the need for entering custom profile fields with same data as the ones in english. That would allready be a big help for many I guess.

But above that it would be great if a feature was created that offered "instant" translation options when adding a custom profile field, like when you create a new custom profile field, you do so in default language, but after creating, you'll be offered a screen saying:
"You've added a custom profile field. We've located # other languages on your board, please fill in the language bits for each language" offering a list of boardlanguages, with empty strings for each profile field entry, (like in translation part of ACP). In that case adding a field means you add it in all available languages.
Don't know if thats possible, but I guess it would be a wonderfull solution for all foreign customers with a multi-language board. If this feature should be created, I'll do my part by translating the default profile fields in my native language, dutch.

Perhaps others, reading this topic, can give their opinion about this suggestion, maybe even improve the suggestion with other, more usefull ideas.


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There is a big problem here...

If now, without this kind of special things for non english languages are difficult to use without problems, let's think how would it be done an upgrade with new own bits created...

I'm waiting for a big improvement in the Language Manager for when and upgrade is done, you can search easily for all new bits instead search manually for all the bits and dissapear the "Out of data entries" for ALL the translated bits when an update occurs... but, in which version will this be done ???.... version 4.x perhaps when english has less than of 1% of world population ??? :whistle:

A have to translate 2 languages... catalan and spanish, so only think in the hard work for me that it is every new update... and in 2 months there have been 2 and in less than a month there will be a third one, than I won't do for this reason... I don't want lose more of my time arranging silly things that it is supposed that the soft didn't do... :(

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