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Admin can not make change the Profil Information default settings?


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A member in my IPB 3 forum has me instructed that I be settings in the Profile Information make should for him.
I can not make this settings for him?
Settings for

"Enable Profile Comments"
"Show my friends in my profile"
"Show X latest visitors on my profile?"

There should be at least the basic settings for these things in the ACP be selectable can.
When A member in my forum can not find the Settings, this understand or need help, I can not help?

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Perhaps I have overlooked this, but I find nothing. unsure.gif
It would be good if it is in the ACP a recruitment would, where I set the default settings for all members may determine.
Who can then make its own settings, as they like. This standard-setting should not only simply the forum software to be defined.

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We added tons of settings for members in the ACP for 3.x that you could not control in 2.x and *knew* that people would find the ones that we didn't yet add.

I don't really recall you being able to control those settings for a member when editing them in the ACP in 2.x, but nevertheless, we will continue to add more of the missing options in the future.

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