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2 questions. Help appreciated

Guest Rishab

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1. I would say to download it (via FTP) and edit it, or edit it directly (through your web control panel's file management)

2. It might be best to contact your host about this if you cannot find your php.ini file. They will be able to advise you on this best.

As these are not IPB specific questions, so I will move your topic to "Server Management, Resources and Optimization" :)

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I would say editing .htaccess files is easier through your control panel (as Andy said) if your new to it. Make sure your confident with what your entering into the .htaccess file(s) because else you can very quickly have a load of "500 Internal Server Error's" appearing everywhere...

As for your php.ini, its location can vary depending on the Operating System in use and how it was built. For example, my main php.ini is located in /etc/. I then have a php.ini file for each domain that gets added. To provide a per domain type of control. They are found here:


That's the setup I have on a CentOS 5 system. However, as Andy said, your best bet would probably be to contact your Host.


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