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"IPB (I'm a little annoyed really)"

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Someone posted the quoted message on a competitor's site. Some people were saying "Wouldn't this be better suited for IPS's site? While others said "IPS doesn't like discussing competitor's software on their forums. So I did something I don't normally do, I logged into this site to post this message to see how IPS would actually react.

I just want to start by saying this is not me having a slanging match at there board, heck I use both IPB and vBulletin. But something as come to light while I've been hacking the IPB board I use which has made me realise there not daft (but I think it's wrong seeing as you pay to own the board).

Here is what started to catch my eye, I noticed in the IE browser at the very top were it shows your site name like this: "My Site - Invision - Microsoft Internet Explorer", that of course it showed "Invision" in the middle. So I search for this code in the templates to change it to something that linked to my site for SEO, and could not find it anywhere. Well eventually I find it hard coded into a php file. Not a problem there, it's now changed even though they went out there way to make it as hard as possible to find

Then suddenly I realise there is no option in the settings to add META TAGS, Mmmmmmmmm. Do they not want you spoiling there IPB and Invision tag or something, with site related keywords you might add. Again this was fixed, I installed a hack that lets you add META TAGS on all pages. Another job done.

Then I hover my mouse over my LOGO in the header to see it says "IPB" as an ALT message instead of my site title, Jesus, how much Invision site link back do they want from software you just bought. Well this has yet to be sorted out, but it will be sooner or later to say my site title instead of IPB, again for SEO.

My point after all this, is this. First of all they hard code the Invision title in the IE header. Then they use IPB alt for the logo you use, Then they make sure you don't add the META TAG's by not adding that option by default to do so. This all spells one thing. They are totally absolutely obsessed with self advertising and not giving you an easy way to alter it either.

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There have been many topics on this forum about removing or changing the 'Powered By Invision Power Board' text that shows on the board index. In fact, one was started today: http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=235932

As for the Meta tags... no hack or modification is needed for this. You can place whatever meta tags you want into your skin's "Board Header & Footer Wrapper".
You can make each skin have their own set of Meta tags, or all have the same.

As for the alt tag, sure, that could be changed in the future, I'm guessing. But it is hardly a huge thing, as well, I don't think that is taken too much into account for SEO. That alt tag is easily changed in the skin.

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1. Buying copyright removal gets rid of the majority of that.
3. Template HTML allows you to edit the logo alt text.

It's not that hard to edit all of that, and they certainly didn't intend for you to be unable to (since you can). You just need to do your research to find it...Like asking via ticket in your Client Center - they'd probably be happy to help you.

As far as how IPS will respond to this message, I'd like to see that too. However, if it's JHarris or Keith, I can guarantee you it will be closed, if not only for the fact that I've posted in it...Okay, it looks like they just moved it...while I was typing this. :( Okay, moved for a SECOND TIME. Talk about annoying.

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You don't need to purchase copyright removal to remove the 'IPB' string from the browser title bar. You are welcome to change that or remove it. Copyright removal will remove the actual copyright string at the bottom of every page.

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How many search engines use META tags anymore? I thought most of them dropped META tag support due to abuse.

So does that mean powered by.... line needs to be removed by default even faster?
I dont think its right what you said. Just try that syntax in google and see millions of boards running on invision . :)
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There have been many topics on this forum about removing or changing the 'Powered By Invision Power Board' text that shows on the board index.

This should be a new feature in General Settings (ACP) because lot of people are asking for this :ermm:
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well when you look in page source of a forum that runs vbulletin you can see

<meta name="keywords" content="vbulletin,forum,bbs,discussion,jelsoft,bulletin board" />

<meta name="description" content="This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to


." />

and in the title is"Forum Title - Powered by vBulletin"

IPB has his - and + but IPB is better :D
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