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InVision board crashing in IE6 badly

Guest trodas

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I come here to report that using old original IE6 from my Win2k SP2 or 3 or SP4 now some modified versions of InVision forum crashing my IE6 v6.0.2600.0000 badly. Look:


Higher IE6 version, from XP SP1.0a - v6.0.2800.1106 is working fine.

Another way to fix it is replacing the mshtml.dll file taken from IE6 under WinXP - that does fix the crash on Win2k IE6.

(orginal mshtml.dll - 2 752 000 bytes - could be specific to Czech localized Windows, too)
(new mshtml.dll - 2 833 920 bytes - could be specific to Czech localized Windows, too)

This way is a big unconfortable for me, so I just want to report this problem. It is not stability problem of my machine. It is not related to one, two or five machines - it happen on any machine, from Celeron II to Opteron with Win2k (any SP or NO SP at all) and original IE6 w/o updates.

Updates that damage more things that fix are not an option, as well as updating to the IE7 crap.

IE6 is still way much leading browser:

From my test it scored 62,22% for the IE6 only. I would say that this is kinda used browser.

There was some discussion about it there:
and there:
But in both cases the stupid moderator decided that the declined number of users of MSFN forum have nothing to do with that... Well, like Albert Einstein used to say - There are only two infinite things - universe and human stupidity. And I'm not entierly sure about the first one...

Finally admin spoke and he says that:

I'm glad that you located error. Forum run on Invision Power Board (IPB) newest version.

Now could it be the png images with multilayer transparency or what that cause the IE6 crash so bad when the REPLY window is opened/opening?
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It is possible it's the PNG images, however I'd recommend per the forum rules posting this issue to our bug tracker. :)

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