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Quick Comment About New Admin Page + Other Notes

Guest SnakEyez02

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Just a thought, but I really think from an aesthetic and productivity standpoint, it would make a lot more sense for the Communication box to be above the Tasks and Statistics box. The reasoning I have behind this is that if I were to post a note for another admin they would have to scroll down to see the box (currently using a resolution of 1440x960). If these notes are important for other admins they should be at the top of the page.

Also just a suggestion that I thought of while typing this. I like the security center and the way files are scanned. I am just curious that maybe as a precaution there should be a Security box on that main admin page or possibly inside the tasks and statistics area just in case there are suspicious files that should not be in the IPB directory or other basic information (maybe not running the scan in 30 days or something).

Also for a statistics center there are not many statistics in there. Are you guys planning to offer more detailed statistics through IPB to show their or elsewhere in the admin area (ie: time of day for posts (server load), etc.)?

Finally, just out of curiosity, maybe Bfarber could handle this question better since I believe he is the one behind IP Downloads, but with the IP Downloads mod (which I am highly considering purchase after some problems with a previous d/l script) would I see additional statistics in that area or have additional administrative functions for IP Downloads through shortcut links like it is currently set up (Common Actions)? Also just another side note to this. Has anyone realized that in the components section of IPB that IP Downloads is not listed as a component of IPB?

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