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Three questions

Guest mrgtb

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I have three questions to ask about the new IPB 2.3 forum

1: Is it possible to totally delete the new skin (dark one) from the board or is it hard coded into the forums files. So your just left with the old default blue one.

2: In the "/sources/" folder, what should the CHMOD permission be set too on this file: ipsclass.php
And what should this file be chmod to also in the "/skin_acp/IPB2_Standard/acp_skin_html/cp_skin_global.php"

Becuase I got an error file produced in my admin folder which I just noticed. And I'm thinking I have tho wrong chmod settings on either: ipsclass.php or cp_skin_global.php files

Here was the error produced below.

[color="#ff0000"]PHP Warning: acp_load_template(/xxxx/xxxx/public_html/skin_acp/IPB2_Standard/acp_skin_html/cp_skin_global.php) [<a href='function.acp-load-template'>function.acp-load-template</a>]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /xxxx/xxxx/public_html/sources/ipsclass.php on line 1776[/color]

Is there not a proper guide somewhere that tells you exactly which files should CHMOD 777 and 666 etc. As the installation manual only covers the basics CHMOD for install, and lucky I noticed in the admin page on my forum. There is a tool to check permissions on files. And I noticed there where a load of files after the install that had to be chmod to 666 as well.
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Just so you know this is not a support forum. For support you will either have to post this over at IPS Beyond or you will have to send in a ticket via your client center. And just so you know no matter which way you go be sure to mention if you installed any mods and what page you are receiving the error on because it would lead to a quicker solution.

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